As a Wellness Liaison for Room & Board, I help organize monthly events for the team to enjoy. This month we planned our second annual “works-giving.” #BeWell Room & Board covered the cost of the essentials: the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and the team filled in the rest. I must say I think we outdid ourselves. First, our team is made up of awesome chefs. I mean really, the food is not basic. Second, we added games this year including, decorate the gingerbread turkey contest and the newly favored, “terrible turkey.” Now what is “terrible turkey”? Well, you have two minutes to create your best worst turkey out of one piece of standard white paper only using your hands. The Wellness team wasn’t sure how this game would sit with the group, but fortunately people seemed to really get into it. I mean the stakes were certainly high; the winner was able to leave 1 hour early on a day of their choosing. Competition was real and we have a lot of creativity on our team. Basically the Design Center became the stage for Iron Chef R&B. Many members of the team approached me sometime during the following week to personally thank me and the Wellness team for organizing the event. It takes a lot to organize a large group of people, but the positive feedback makes all the effort worth it in the end. We are now finalizing the details for the highly anticipated holiday party! Stay tuned.