Mrs. Draper


I finished my course on the history of interior design and furniture last week. #toottoot #treatyoself The final exam covered material from the Victorian Revival periods to today. In other words, quite a time span. One of the identification questions on the final was, “explain the significance of Dorothy Draper.” For those of you not familiar with Mrs. Draper, she was an American interior decorator most notable for her work during the twentieth century. Her interiors were known for consisting of bright, clear, exuberant colors, floors with black and white tiles and large bold prints. She is associated with an original identifiable look that came to be known as American Baroque. I would say Kate Spade is good example of a modern retailer exhibiting her design aesthetic. You’re probably thinking, “Oh wow, sounds #flawless but why do we care?!” Well, as I came to notice last week, while reviewing terms and time periods was extremely top of mind, our “Draper” pillow is clearly named after this iconic woman. #girlpower

The subtle herringbone pattern paired with the bold color choices of yellow, pink, teal, silver or indigo brighten any space, just as Mrs. Draper’s interiors did during the twentieth century! Over the period of this course, I have experienced several of these “ah ha” moments if you will, relating back to the historic development of our current offerings. I am also the proud owner of the pink “Draper” pillow. I have paired this on my York sofa in the stocked fabric offering of Total Charcoal. I would say the Draper pillow boogied up my more traditional sofa selection and adds just a pop of fun! I would gladly give it 5 starts and strongly recommend to others in a product review page. #christmaspresentsanyone This purchase has even more significance to me now that I know its origins. #nerdalert