Pattern Making

This time of year, we have the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and here at Room & Board, we’re gearing up for the introduction of our new collection. With new inventory comes new learning and that process encompasses many types of learning. While each location has an education liaison that helps with that learning process, occasionally other Design Associates will be asked to share their expertise in a particular subject.

Recently, our Sunday hour-long morning meeting was an educational class on fabrics patterns. For anyone who doesn’t know much about fabrics, we learned that many factors contribute to how a fabric is priced and one of those factors is pattern. Kate, an artist, shared her knowledge of how patterns are designed. She created a fun project to help us learn more about patterns. While we had a wonderful time using our imagination to create unique designs, we learned how geometric versus organic shapes can make very different patterns.

We first had to create a variety of shapes and cut them out on white label stock. We then placed those shapes on a black piece of paper, made 10 copies and cut each copy into four identical quarters to make tiles. On a bigger white piece of paper, we took the tiles and arranged them to create a pattern. Once we were done with the project, all of us were amazed at how easy it was to create many different versions.

Here in Boston, Kate is known for her delightful banners wishing us Happy Birthdays and Congratulations along with baking amazing cakes. The week after we completed our fun arts & crafts project, Charles and Mia, both Design Associates here in Boston, created for her birthday, a banner made out of each pattern we had created as a team the week prior. It was great fun and we learned so much about patterns! Thanks Kate!