Winter is Here!

In Chicago we have summer for about 2 months a year (not nearly long enough for me!) and winter is showing its signs again. Well it is January so I guess that is to be expected. Some of our other stores, Denver, Boston, Minneapolis, New York will relate to this, while our more fortunate store locations, California and Atlanta, might not understand.

The first picture is when some of us (me included) were simply in denial and not wearing winter coats yet even though it was cold. The second photo is finally facing the reality. We have boots and coats and gloves and hats. It is snowing and this morning was 14 degrees. Winter is HERE!

Coats1 Coats2

You might ask “What are you doing living in Chicago then?” Hmmm… Well besides my family and friends being here, I enjoy my work at Room & Board and I love the Skokie team!

The good news for our customers is that we will deliver to our warm weather customers (Florida, Texas, Arizona, and anywhere where we don’t have a store) for $129.00. It is white glove, in-home delivery. I don’t know another furniture company that offers that. It shows how much our company appreciates our customers!

Anyone else wonder why they are living in cold weather?