Room & Board 2016 Bracket


Ben photo credit: ABC

In light of the recent premiere of the new season of one of my all time favorite shows, The Bachelor (basic, I know), I would like to compare Room & Board’s new 2016 Assortment to the new squad of America’s 28 most eligible women. #FutureMrs.Higgins Who will find love with the handsome, Ben H. and who will be sent home humiliated on public television?! #TGIM This year, I am doing this right. Yes, I have not only joined the official, “Bachelor Bracket,” but I am in fact the administrator of the league. Twenty of my closest friends makeup my “2016 Boston Bachelor Bracket.” Similar to fantasy football or basketball, I challenged myself to select each of the favored women who will have the honor of moving on to the next ceremony symbolized by receiving a red rose. My goal is to predict who will be the one, future Mrs. Ben Higgins, and who will the 27 others left with broken hearts… After serious podcast listening, gossiping and thorough research, I have selected “JoJo” as the winner/ future Mrs. Higgins. #GoJoJo #sojelly

Just like The Bachelor Bracket, Room & Board’s 2016 new product assortment may fall or rise to the top by making it to next year’s assortment. Sometimes we give product a rose, one last chance to sell itself by introducing a second cover or revamping the cushion construction. Other times, we just simply drop the item if it’s not working hard for us. We send it home in a limo without even the opportunity for an exit interview to redeem itself. Good luck on R&B Paradise aka Clearance…My top 2 picks in the R&B 2016 Bracket would be Mr. Nichols and Miss Bailey. Both are fun and sexy, yet sophisticated. Bailey is a sure show stopper with her two beautiful new stained coats, Sand or Bark and ready for anything with her classic walnut trench. Take her to a bougie dinner or simply Netflix and chill. Nichols is a more classic fellow with a mid-century look, yet edgy with his enlarged hounds’ tooth outerwear (Tessell #Love). Bring him to a Ted Talk or enjoy bottomless mimosas together at Sunday brunch. You are certainly going to have a good time with either one. The question remains “Who do you see yourself with in the future? The perfect now or the perfect later?” Stakes are high and love is on the line. Who will receive the final rose?! #R&Bbracket16