‘Twas the Night of the Floor Change


‘Twas the night of the floor change and all through the showroom

Every DA drinks coffee to insure they can go zoom.

The rugs are rolled up and carried out of the store,

And new ones come in and are placed on the floor.

The drivers are moving in new Berkeley beds

While visions of Mackintosh dance in their heads.

Amy in her sneakers and Jason at her side,

Watch over the commotion, all full of pride.

When out on the sidewalk there arose such a clatter,

Amy springs into action to see what’s the matter.

Out to the truck, she flies like a flash;

Runs past a Hudson we now stock in Ash.

The moon on the sofa reflected the shine,

Gives luster to all like a glass of mulled-wine,

When what to their wondering eyes did appear,

Macalester in leather! “Oh my goodness, it’s here!”

One hundred inches, its leather: top grain!

In Lagoon Cognac, its beauty: insane!

More tufting than Reese and the Wells combined,

The comfort and beauty is all so refined.

“It’s gorgeous! I love it! I want it! I need it!”

“It’s perfect! I crave it!” said all who had seen it.

To floor number two, the sofa is carried

And placed on an Arden, perfectly married.

Next to a Louis Chair, across from a Nichols;

For Lynn, who does visuals, nothing’s a pickle.

The drivers bring in more furniture too!

It’s not even midnight, there’s so much to do.

There are lamps to be hung, pillows to fluff,

Shelves to wipe down; floor change is tough.

Amy and Jason look over their list

Checking to make sure nothing is missed.

The beds all need ironing, the floor must be swept,

If only they knew where the vacuum was kept.

The next several hours fly by in a hurry;

With so much to do they still do not worry.

The lamps how they twinkle! The fabrics, how merry!

The Orson is gone and the Grove is in cherry.

The Anson in Tamm, the color of spice,

Embraces mid-century and looks oh so nice.

The Andre in Total and reversible chaise

Sits proudly as Amy walks by in a daze.

The staff is now tired, their energy sagging,

In two more short hours the tag team starts tagging.

The drivers are done and thank God they’re so burley

And Brenda and Lauren will get to work early.

Each piece will be tagged with the greatest of care

From the new Julian table to the standard Quinn chair.

The show room now sparkles, it shines and it gleams!

The collection is stunning; the stuff of our dreams.

Amy and Jason collapse on the York,

He hands her champagne and says, Pop the cork!”

The night is not easy; it takes a great plan.

The result is all worth it from whence it began.

“Everything’s perfect,” she says. “It’s just right!”

“Happy floor change to all and to all a good night!”