Priorities and Measures

P&MStrenthFinderBookAll companies have their own particular method of reviewing an employee’s performance which is usually done on an annual basis After having worked for a large company for many years, I know that it was usually one focusing on the negative rather than the positive and was often a painful process. Here at Room & Board, reviewing Design Associate performance is done in a very different way.

Rather than focusing on a team member’s accomplishments or lack thereof, Room & Board approaches performance by allowing team members to develop Priorities & Measures that are meaningful and relevant to each individual and how they relate to the overall success of their team, store, market and business. Engaging with our leaders three times a year allows us to create a relationship with our leadership team and allows for open dialogue. In these conversations, we are encouraged to be ready to share our thoughts and insights.

Room & Board believes in identifying our individual strengths so that the team can understand and appreciate that we all are different. Instead of trying to do something better that doesn’t come naturally to us, we are encouraged to do what comes naturally thereby allowing us as a team, to leverage each other in a supportive way. Room & Board expects our performance to be a positive balance of all subjective and objective measures which will thereby allow us to achieve success.

In addition to our individual Priorities & Measure meetings, each showroom team creates store Priorities & Measures to allow us to create goals as whole. Our Central teams of course, also create their own Priorities & Measures in planning sales and expense goals that allow our Finance team to be confident that the company as a whole is achieving its full potential in creating a successful business.

Our own individual Priorities & Measures link to our store and company goals and make the process a deeply meaningful way we can contribute to our success.