It ALL looks new and it is!

On December 26 at Room & Board, our 2016 assortment of new products and fabrics shows up on our website and in January it arrives in our stores. During November and December, the team is learning what is coming and what is going so we can best educate our customers. It is impressive the education that Room & Board supplies for us and how as a team we are able to learn a category and share our knowledge with our team members, which translates to being able to easily articulate the information to our customers and make a graceful customer experience.

This year, once again, we have an amazing assortment of new products, old products with new fabric covers, and new stain options and tops for our table/base programs.

Last week our store was transformed overnight from the 2015 assortment to the 2016 assortment. We quite literally left the store on Sunday at 6:00 pm and when we got back in on Monday at 9:00 the store dazzled us with the new looks. The team who works overnight to create this transformation is truly amazing in being able to pull this off in all of our stores in a very short time.

As a Design Associate, we enjoy finally being able to show off and sell our new amazing products. For the customer it means a completely new look inspiration!

Here are a few examples of 2015 room setting vs. 2016. Both beautiful and completely different!