The Blizzard of 2016


The weather outside was not fit for man nor beast last week here on the East Coast. In case, you didn’t hear, we had a record snowfall in New York City of 26.8 inches which is the second most snowfall ever recorded in the history of all time since the dawning of the age of man. That’s a lot of snow; like if someone left a Harding in Central Park and took off the back cushions, it would have been completely covered in snow since the Harding has a height of only 26″. Or if you put two Graham cocktails tables on top of each other you would only see 1.2″ inches of Ebony peeking out over the blanket of white. Or you could put a High Headboard Avery in Sunbrella Canvas Pink out there and still see three feet of bright pink, but don’t worry because it’s Sunbrella fabric and it’ll be totes fine. Anyhoo, lots of snow. You get the picture, right?

On Friday, we all began to wonder how Winter Storm Jonas would affect us.

“Will be open?”

“Will we close early?”

“Do I need to go the liquor store?”

We all left work on Friday not sure what was ahead of us. Early Saturday morning, my alarm clock went off and the first thing I did was look out the window to see what had happened as I slept. The wind was whipping snow horizontally across the courtyard and I could see drifts of snow as high as an Allard table. There was no email from work giving me a reprieve so I took a shower and ate breakfast as I wondered what one wears to work during a blizzard. And then my phone alerted me to a text: SNOW DAY. STORE CLOSED. The first thing I did was a little dance of joy, not unlike Snoopy when Charlie Brown serves his supper.

The second thing I did was think the following: Thank goodness I work for a company that puts the safety of their employees over the importance of sales. I bet if I worked at some other retailer, I would have to get to work not knowing how or if I would get home. Thank you, Room & Board, for making that decision in a timely manner and understanding that sometimes being open is not the best decision. It seems like every couple of months, Room & Board does something else to remind me that it’s a mighty fine place to work.

The store was open on Sunday, but I didn’t have to go to work because I was on vacation. My trip to Puerto Rico had been canceled, but I kept my vacation day on the schedule and went sledding in Central Park where I saw no evidence of a Harding sofa, Graham cocktail table or High Headboard Avery.