What do I buy? What a Dilemma!

One of the best things about working at Room & Board is also one of the hardest things. We basically live in the environment of beautiful furniture and I want to buy a sofa but can’t make up my mind!

Besides the fact that I love our designs and fabrics, and we have a generous staff member discount of 35 percent, there is so much more to love:

  • We offer 90% American-made products. Our American manufacturers are smaller companies all over the country, so we are supporting our country.
  • We are careful to partner with companies who treat their employees like we are treated — with respect and care.
  • Our manufacturers use an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process which includes using leftover materials to heat the facilities.
  • We use wood from sustainable forests so we are not stripping the planet of supplies. One company has found a way to use pieces of walnut that are rejected in creating beautiful walnut cocktail tables.
  • We partner with manufacturers to create unique products that are timeless and well made.
  • We offer most products in stock for 5-10 day delivery turnaround.
  • We offer white glove national delivery for a flat rate of $129 and local delivery for $89.
  • We take care of our customers with an extraordinary customer experience.

New products come in that I like, which doesn’t help me as I struggle to make a decision about what I want. What a good problem to have!