Hasty Pudding


Getty Images/Mike Lawrie

I recently joined our Boston Brand Team. #yeyBrand Brand is responsible for promoting the business by creating thoughtful connections between the specific store’s market and our Central Office. We were approached by a member of Harvard University’s theater group, Hasty Pudding Theatricals with the hope of a creating a partnership. Let’s just say this was a totally different opportunity for the Brand team. Hasty Pudding has been around since 1770 and is famous for preforming burlesque cross dressing musicals. Yaaas. New territory for team Brand.

Every spring, the group starts preforming in Cambridge then tours to New York City followed by Bermuda of all places. I mean Hasty Pudding is not only historical, but iconic. Even good old Theodore Roosevelt himself was a past member. So obvi I was stoked to be assigned to oversee the project. We enthusiastically offered to donate furniture for the theater’s back office space in exchange for ad placement on the theater’s opening curtain and show program. The space we were asked to design is utilized by student members of Hasty Pudding for several hours a day during the show’s run.

After much collaboration with our contact, Adam, we finalized the floor plans and furniture! I even got to visit the

space for the final delivery and installation. I have to say, although the setting would not be described as pristine, our furniture made a world of difference. Not to toot our own horn, but toot toot. Adam and squad were pumped and the space really did look great! I mean anything would be considered an upgrade from the initial purple sofas…

Oh and the perks? Well, there were many! My Brand colleague, Alex and I got to see the acclaimed Hasty Pudding, “Woman of the Year Show.” “Scandal’s” Kerry

Washington was chosen as this year’s Woman of the Year! #ilitterallycanteven Basically, the Hasty Pudding president and vice president ripped apart Kerry for a half hour then the cast proceeded to

make her take part in absurd things in front of an audience. The experience was similar to a Comedy Central roast. Unfortunately, “the Man of the Year” show with my boyfriend, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was sold out. #dying Meh. And to top it off, Adam hooked us up with comped tickets to see this year’s show, “That 1770’s Show.” More to come. #brandisfun