Design Revolution


A couple years ago, while browsing through open positions on Craigslist, I came across a posting for Design Associates at a new Room & Board store opening in Boston and I immediately called my sister to tell her. I was so elated that Room & Board was coming to Boston, that I overlooked the job post.

In the 27 years of being in Boston, I’ve been completely disillusioned with the furniture culture here, as it’s old, stodgy and traditional. I used to look forward to my visits around the country, especially trips to see my sister in Chicago where we always took an afternoon to have our nails done, grab a coffee and head to Room & Board on Michigan Ave. It was “our thing.” There, meandering through the showroom, I would dream of having a beautifully furnished home that was a peaceful environment, a refuge of sorts in my chaotic life. My sister had this tranquility in her home. It was an amazing space and is almost like a mini Room & Board showroom.

Boston is a very conservative town, (meaning the people, not the politics) so it’s difficult to enter into this market being a relatively unknown. This is Puritan country. We’re suspicious of anything new. But the people here have been secretly desperate for new style and exciting design to enliven their New England Colonial homes and the introduction of a 38,000 square foot Room & Board showroom in the Back Bay of Boston is taking on the industry in typical Room & Board fashion; quietly. But the secret is out and New Englanders, from Boothbay, ME, to Providence, RI, are discovering a renewed sense of home.

Some weeks after I first saw that Craigslist job post, I began thinking of how great it would be to be a part of this Boston design revolution. I knew Room & Board coming to Boston would be a big deal and I’m happy to be a part of it. I’m even happier to see the sense of discovery on customers’ faces upon their first visit into our showroom. It makes me feel like I’m part of the enlightenment and it makes be proud to be a New Englander, a Bostonian and a Room & Board Design Associate.