Outdoor Comes Indoor


Outdoor is now indoor at the Boston showroom, folks! Although we will probably get a few more “noreastahs” for good health this year, Room & Board is moving on to spring. Just like the New England Patriots, we are on to the next season. We have introduced our new Loll friends, Bayfield and Sundby as well as Emmett tall. Returning from last season in a new cover, we have our beloved Crest and Maya as well as our revamped Isles collection. All Outdoor is now offered in our several new color ways of Sunbrella fabric. My personal new fave being the Sunbrella Canvas Silver. You can make this color feel more warm or cool depending on the space and the desired look! Also a fun addition due to customer feedback, the Verano Lounge chair is now offered in the fun colors of Ocean and Sunset. I just want to head right over to CVS and spray tan it up or take a one-way ticket to the Caribbean while jamming to Jimmy Buffett. If you need a warm weather fix, the Room & Board showroom may temporarily solve your needs. Soon enough it will be a “scorchah” with 100% humidity and I will be longing for my basic puffer coat, a PSL and Uggs, but for now let’s enjoy the outdoor furniture indoors.