Always a Kid at Heart


As Brand Liaison, I’ve written other blogs about meaningful events here in our Washington DC Store. We are host to such a wide range of organizations and projects that there’s always something interesting to experience or learn.

For some reason, I’m usually scheduled off for our Kids events. It’s not that I don’t like kids – I taught elementary music for several years – but my schedule just never really coincided with the Kids events.

That all changed on a wintry Saturday morning in February…

That Einstein’s theory of gravitational waves was confirmed in the same week that Room & Board successfully hosted over 275 parents and kids for the Lego Man event is not happenstance; both are monumental moments in history.

On a snowy, windy, sunny and sometimes calm Saturday morning, Room & Board’s third floor was bustling with activity as multitudes of kids played in piles (and piles!) of Legos and parents sipped complimentary coffee and relaxed on the new 2016 collection pieces.

Many parents thought the event was purely a community outreach event because the service we provided parents that morning was so great. With a warm room, complimentary beverages, free engaging activities and comfortable seating it isn’t hard to understand why. One mom was even able to take a short nap on our Delia Chaise while waiting for her two boys to complete the group Lego project of a huge red heart. Some dads were even more engaged – and building bigger projects – than their kids.

Other parents used their thoroughly engaged kids as an opportunity to shop for furniture. Stating they rarely get this kind of time in a furniture store to shop, parents asked Room & Board staff many questions about product and availability.

It was a great event that spoke to Room & Board’s core belief that promotional events should be meaningful, engaging and echo the best of Room & Board.