Employee of the Week

Yes, folks, I am officially Room & Board famous. Last week, I was chosen as the featured employee of the week for our internal website, Worklife.* For those reading this at home, this is basically the equivalent of being featured as the cover of Vogue, selected as Glamour’s Woman of Year, winning an Oscar, etcetera, etcetera. In other words, the big leagues. Only a select few have been featured on the Worklife Profile from the Boston store, and now I had the honor of joining them, the A Team, if you will.** I was interviewed, praised, champagne was popped, the whole nine. We discussed my likes, loves and squad goals, including but not limited to everything from rose to J Biebs. This was my moment. My face, my roots, and most importantly, my love for French bulldogs, right there on the home page for the entire company to see, direct quotations and all for a grand seven days. I have yet to shake hands with our founder, the man, the ledged John Gabbert, but for now, this will do. #R&Bfamous

* Worklife is a tool used to connect the many facets that combined make up Room & Board. It is a plethora of information accessible to everyone in the company to keep everyone in unison.

**Eventually, I think everyone is asked as to be featured. Emphasis provided for entertainment.