Logan the Artist


Kids wall in process

This blog is basically a glorified shout out to my colleague, Mr. Logan D. Logan is a gem. He hails from New Zealand and thus is naturally a people pleaser. I mean, what’s not to love about an accent? Besides Logan being a genuine person, an expert Design Associate, and a fabulous chef, he is also a talented artist. We have had a chalkboard wall as our Kids welcome wall since we opened, yet it has remained blank. Last week, my team was pleasantly surprised to find Logan in full artist mode when we walked in, hat and all. Our Visual team commissioned Logan to come up with a design for our Kids Welcome wall, no suggestions, guidelines or requests – free artistic reign, if you will. I had the privilege of interviewing the artist himself about his thought process in coming up with the finished product. Logan said he has recently been feeling the octopus and liked the movement he could create with the tentacles. Logan has a degree in graphic design with a focus in illustration and our team has had the honor of viewing some of his talent over the course of working together. When asked if this will become a re-occurring event, Logan replied hopefully if team Vis will allow me. Logan will be leading a Kombucha morning meeting later this month on behalf of the Wellness team. One can see he is a man of many skills. #kaizen


Kids wall complete