Design Associates Draw Inspiration from Oscar Contenders

Spring may have officially sprung, but here in the Atlanta showroom, staffers are still reveling in the excitement of one of winter’s most time-honored and glamorous traditions – awards season! With a steadily increasing number of productions shot and filmed in Atlanta, the city is quickly becoming one of the country’s foremost entertainment hubs. Celebrity sightings at the showroom are not unusual and several weeks ago we received notice of disruption to traffic surrounding the showroom due to a film shoot which was taking place right outside our front door! In the spirit of Atlanta’s growing industry, as well as our own fascination with movies and pop culture, we hosted a special design challenge.

The Oscars Design Challenge began with a ceremonious, blind drawing of a 2016 Oscar-nominated film.

Red Carpet Photo

We then used all of the available resources at the showroom to design a room inspired by our selected film and incorporating pieces from the 2016 Room & Board New Product launch. What resulted was not only a fun and unique way to express our creativity, but a collaborative and engaging way to educate ourselves and each other on aspects of our offerings which could be applied to new customer interactions.

With a number of period pieces up for Hollywood’s most prestigious honor, our Design Associates used Bridge of Spies and Brooklyn to set the backdrop for a discussion on the history of modern design and its influence on such standout newcomers as the Ira Chair and the Oliver Sofa. The extreme climates and rustic natural environments featured in films like The Revenant, The Hateful Eight and Mad Max encouraged an in-depth conversation around the gorgeous leather incarnation of the Macalester and the new Ash and Bark wood stains.


Mad Max-Inspired Collage

I remember when I first began working at Room & Board a little over a year ago. Having absolutely no experience in interior design (unless decorating my own apartment counts as experience), I watched my colleagues present their 2015 Oscar Design Challenges. I was blown away by the inspired concepts, bold mixing of colors and patterns and intricate floor plans and wondered if I’d ever be capable enough to stand in their place and do the same. What working on the Oscar Design Challenge has reinforced for me is just how much I’ve learned over the past year and all at the hands of my team members. They’ve continually exemplified one of Room & Board’s guiding principles, to foster an environment of support, collaboration and respect. Being able to take the knowledge they’ve imparted, apply it to my own design and share it in such an open, comfortable space was an award in and of itself and a worthy celebration of my first year as a Design Associate.