Following my colleague Dana’s post, I think I may have a work life balance issue. An intervention is probably necessary. Perhaps in the style of one of my fave shows, “How I met Your Mother.” I wouldn’t mind if Marshal, Ted, Lily and Barney showed up with a banner to sit me down and discuss the extreme matter at hand. Not Robin though, she stinks.:)

This week my colleagues pointed out that I match the furniture. And by “match,” I mean perfectly coordinate clothing-wise. Yes, I love this place so much so I chose to dress like it. Some owners match their pets, some parents match their kids, and since I have neither, I chose to match the furniture. In all seriousness readers, this was not purposeful. Maybe it’s just the brand ambassador in me. #Brandisfun Maybe it’s that I so desperately want a French bulldog (if I live in the city) and a Bernese mountain dog (if I live in the burbs), and three kids (two boys and one girl: Nathan, Lucas and Luciana, if you are wondering). #OneTreeHill Or maybe it’s that I live and breathe Room & Board so much that I subconsciously selected my color block navy and white sweater and my bright orange pants to coordinate with our outdoor vignette. Let’s just say the white Palm sofa and navy Isles accent chairs and orange and white color block Mast pillows are on fleek, on point, lit, not basic and certainly trending.

After much persuasion, my colleagues forced me to pose for a pic for Room & Board’s “Outfit to Room Comparison” social media content. Let’s hope my début blows up Insta, the only book: Facebook, Twitter, the works. And let’s definitely hope I get to meet Marshal (Jason Segal) as a result.