Twinning in Boston


This past Sunday a few colleagues and I found ourselves “twinning,” if you will, in the Boston Store. Maybe it’s our New England location but the nautical stripes just felt appropriate. Or perhaps it was because the whole week felt like we were sailors at sea dealing with grey skies, humidity and annoyingly inconsistent cold rain. Regardless of the reasons, Emily, Sarah, Joanne and I showed up to work in coordinating attire for the Sunday/Mother’s Day clientele. Crushed it. Due to the success of the unplanned themed event, I am going to suggest “Seventies Saturdays” for next week. I am thinking our team would look awesome in tie-dye one-piece bellbottoms. The look would really resonate with our customers and certainly make us more approachable. But for now, on Sundays We Wear Stripes. #MeanGirls #SheDoesntEvenGoHere