If You See It, Own It.


We all know there are countless little issues that can arise at a workplace on any given day: the printer is out of paper, there are no more staples, the light bulb in the restroom is burnt out. At many places, you would simply notify the appropriate department to take care of it. Room & Board is still a small company and with many showrooms having small teams, it means that Design Associates wear many hats to keep the showroom running and looking its best. We also have a culture of personal accountability, which encourages staff members to simply do what needs doing.

The primary role of a Design Associate is to engage and assist customers with design services and sales but what else does the job entail? Secondary roles include assisting leadership with education, branding, business interiors, IT, lighting, and wellness but often, we need to help out with tasks outside of our defined secondary roles and take the initiative to make things happen.

Design Associates embrace their workspace as being a place that needs to be cared for. Caring is the key, so when a lightbulb is burned out in one of the rest rooms or the printer needs a new ink cartridge, we take it upon ourselves to change it. If you see it, own it. So when the light is out in the restroom, go ahead and replace it.