Room & Board on the Big Screen

As Room & Board staff members, we get excited when seeing our product outside of the showroom. It’s almost as exciting as seeing J Biebs barefoot cruising around the Boston Common and then having him make a public announcement that he’s not a zoo animal. Well, almost . . . We do not always know where our product is going, even when it’s headed for the big screen. Meaning, the designer for the set or network will place the order and we just get to play I Spy later. Recently, we have spotted our product in a few fun new settings.

  • ABC’s Nashville (RIP)
  • Captain America: Civil War– Love me some Chris Evans.
  • Wendy’s Commercial- Luckily Dakota is a durable fabric… #Folex
  • NBC’s The Undateable Show– Andre FTW
  • Talking Dead – After Show to the Walking Dead. Andre never looked so good.
  • Real Housewives of New York – Bethenny’s therapy session
  • Netflix’s Frankie and Grace – Those Kori bins though.

The most popular pop culture pick seems to be the Callan chair. Duh. And the Andre sofa and collection chair. The tight back design feature will hold its shape and the clean intriguing lines are great at every angle. I have yet to see our product featured in my favorite franchise, The Bachelor, but I have high hopes. #TGIM I am sure Chad would appreciate using our Madison end table as a dumbbell when getting swoll in the Bachelor mansion. Maybe I’ll reach out to Chris. 😉