Cause to Celebrate in D.C.

One can never say Room & Board doesn’t like to party . . . a couple weekends ago, we celebrated our location’s sixth anniversary and Washington D.C. Pride weekend (the parade route ended just two blocks from our store, so lots of waters were handed out). 

Now with the dust (and confetti) settling after the celebration, I am overcome with pride, joy, happiness and sheer delight that I can experience this every day in which I interact with a customer, my colleagues and the neighborhood. In April, I celebrated my fourth work anniversary.  I can’t believe how the days, weeks, months, and floor-changes have flown by.  Things are not stagnant here and I know that is a large part of why I thrive in this work environment that embraces and fosters innovation, compassion, and enthusiasm.

 Well Room & Board, here is to another four years ++++++