Evolution of Complete-Your-Home

One of the joys of working at Room & Board for over eight years is to be witness to the changes and evolution of certain areas of our business. When I first started in our San Francisco location we curated our accessories in a separate area and called it ‘Global.’ I think it was one of my favorite spots in the store. Everything from cowhide, sheepskin, ceramics, and African wedding baskets to antique oars in stands were represented. 

By the time I helped open the Culver City showroom in L.A., we were just showcasing the accessories throughout the showroom in the room settings on tabletops and in bookcases. It looked beautiful in our assortment but in our large showrooms they somehow got a little “lost”. 

A couple of years ago we introduced the gallery collection. It was a museum concept with maple cubes and shelves floating to showcase the lamps, ceramics, vases, bedding and throw pillows. Absolutely stunning! 

And yet . . . Maybe it looked a little too precious and untouchable? 

Now I am in the Seattle Showroom. I love what is happening. We are using our own products (dining and accent tables and freestanding shelves and cabinets) to display our accessories by color and lifestyle stories. This is my favorite yet. The accessories look approachable and are easy to keep refreshed and looking great at all times by being flexible to change. It will be interesting to see how this area of our business will continue to evolve.