Job Longevity, does it still exist?

In most work environments, employees come and go. In today’s job marketplace, staying with a company for a year or two has become commonplace versus 30 years ago when workers stayed with their company for decades. The many recessions that the U.S. has experienced over the past three decades, starting with the Gulf War in the early 90s, the Dot Com bust, Sept. 11th, and the Great Recession have created a corporate culture of not wanting long term employees. Employee loyalty has been eroded in part by the transition of defined pension benefits to Cash Balance and 401K plans. While employees no longer plan to stay with a company long term due to pension considerations, this has also increased flexibility for employees’ career mobility.

Room & Board, having always marched to the beat of a different drum, has altered that now common career plan of staying a couple of years and moving on. For the most part, Room & Board staff members are in it for the long term. While our pension 401K plans are inviting, with a generous match that enhances staff members’ retirement funds, the allure to stay is in the culture and respectful work environment that are highly valued and increasingly rare in corporate America.

Our flexible work schedules, holiday pay, and generous vacation time are only small enticements to make Room & Board a great place to work. For Design Associates, our passion for design, meeting new people every day and making meaningful connections and creating amazing spaces for customers is what keeps us happy where we are. The benefits package is just cream on the top.