Decisions, decisions . . .

At Room & Board we face a comparable fan dilemma of supporting Taylor Swift vs Kayne West. We are torn; TayTay what happened, girl? We all “knew you were trouble when you walked in:” From authentic country singer/ song writer to Victoria Secret fashion show icon… No Bad Blood here, but let’s definitely go Back to December. #shakeitoff And Yeezy when did it become acceptable to take candy away from children? I mean your talent is undeniable, but can we show some restraint? #Kayne2020 And on a side note, Kim, is this really your battle to fight? You want to love both yet certainly cannot afford to remain Switzerland. How does this relate to furniture? It does, I swear. At R & B we have a plethora of offerings, yet can only show so much in stores. Several times a year, we make new introductions and are forced to take sides, furniture sides, when we really ideally wish we could show it all. Currently, we are making space by marking down floor samples to allow room for the new introductions. We debate, analyze stats, and ultimately need to choose a side by selecting what pieces to show and what to not. Obvi we can always modify, but decisions need to be made. Challenging, I know. Just like the Batman vs Superman showdown. I mean, seriously, how can you pick a side? I love Batman, you can’t now just make him the “bad guy.” And what’s not to love about Clark Kent?! All tough decisions, but something we Design Associates choose to face everyday. 🙂kanyetaylorpic