Making the Complex Simple

While Room & Board design services is nothing new for our company, I feel as though many customers I am helping these days are specifically asking for “design services.” Now that can mean myriad of things. Do you need help selecting a rug to pull everything together? Are you moving into a new apartment and need everything? Do you need help completing your home with artwork and all those finishing touches? Well, yeah, I can do all of that and sometimes that is just a regular Saturday at the showroom.

When I am helping a customer who is brand new to our location and our company, it is so exciting to share the Room & Board story and our vendors stories. But I’m careful not to overload people. I find it helps to ask questions: what are they inspired by? why did they come to Room & Board out of all the stores to shop at? And most importantly, I just listen to them. You learn, flex, and hone all types of skills here at Room & Board. This is SO not your typical retail-working environment.

I sometimes think in this big, wide world of the internet, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, etc., folks are inundated with ideas and images and need help distilling them. I get to help with all of that and that is very exciting and rewarding. These customers are trusting me with their personal story, their personal spaces. And what I discover each time is that they love our inspired, livable design and simple, solution-oriented approach to furnishing their home. In a complicated world, I treasure the fact things can be so straightforward.