For the first time ever, Room & Board has a Staff Member Store showcasing a plethora of branded merchandise. In other words, swag. Now, we can rep Room & Board all day erry day. Look fly in your R & B fleece. Half zip or full? Why not both?! Keep the brewskis on point in a fashion-forward R & B cooler! Yaas. Want to look boss at the gym? We can get swoll with a stylin Room & Board duffle. Live in a rainy climate? There’s even an umbrella. What about color coordination…? Per usual, the offering specializes in grey neutrals. Duh. But, most importantly, who is the hunk modeling the men’s line? We would like a clothing how-to-wear demo stat. Worried about sizing, especially when taking Thanksgiving into account, or just want to check quality and feel? A sample pack of apparel will arrive at each store location soon. We can only hope Room & Board matching PJ sets are in the works along with corresponding Snuggies as we approach this holiday season. #swaggeronahundredthousandtrillion