19 years and counting . . .

I have been a Room & Board staff member for 19 years and there are many good reasons why that is true. The number one thing that keeps me coming back is the mutual respect we share in the store and amongst all staff members. This gets extended to customers, our vendors and all people we come in contact with in our everyday lives.

There is never any finger pointing when a mistake has been made. We are all personally accountable and make sure we don’t repeat the same problems. We are entrusted to do business in our own unique way, working with customers based on who we are instead of a vision created for us. We are all unique individuals, we enjoy each others differences and respect our diversity. It is a totally enjoyable environment where there are many laughs and good conversation. This extends to our customers whom we enjoy, get to know and help deeply.

We are asked for our perspectives on many levels when it comes to our interactions with customers. We have a book where we record customer requests and they are looked at and taken in to consideration and those suggestions often become part of our collection.

We drive our own careers with Priorities & Measures, a yearly exercise where we identify ways we wish to grow in our jobs. Within the store, we each take on other responsibilities that contribute to the overall function of the store. I personally am involved in training new staff members, ordering and organizing our fabric and leather swatch books and helping with the Design Center.

When I asked newer staff members what stands out to them, the answer I get is how surprised they are to actually get an hour lunch break. In so many jobs, it would be non-existent or they would have to punch out for their half an hour. Furthermore, we have that hour to ourselves and if something comes up, it is taken care of by our peers.

With the advent of profit sharing I believe we will take even more ownership in our job. It has been an amazing experience working for Room & Board. Each day is a pleasure. Thank you!