Design and Real Estate Markets

We sell furniture, so of course, it’s natural for customers to come into our showroom and ask for design help in selecting the right pieces for their homes. With time and experience, however, Design Associates dip their toes into so much more than furnishing interiors.

Room & Board Design Associates have diverse work histories. Many come from retail, the furniture industry or even straight from college. Some were artists or teachers in their former lives. A passion for beautiful spaces and an innate sense of design is what brings us here. Over time, we start to engage in reading customers’ floor plans and space planning.

In urban areas such as Boston, high-rise luxury buildings are being constructed faster than ever, changing the skyline like never before. As units are sold, many buyers come to Room & Board to furnish them. Working with customers from these new developments allows us to become  familiar with the building, the layouts and the areas of town, but also with their occupants. We get to know the new landscape, the revitalized neighborhoods and how they affect the culture of our city. This, in effect, gives us first-hand knowledge of what is happening in the real estate market.

Many of our customers learn of Room & Board from word of mouth from happy customers. We get to know our customers and their neighbors and we ultimately begin to understand real estate trends in ways we never imagined. When customers are new in town and come to us to furnish their homes, we’re very proud to share our passion for design as well as our knowledge of our communities.

Just another wonderful aspect of working for Room & Board.