Blending in at Room & Board

One of the important skills of being a Design Associate is enjoying the interplay of color and pattern, and finding ways to make those elements work together. As a team, we’re in tune to those elements in all of our surroundings. Photos frequently get taken and shared when two of us are dressed similarly or when we’re dressed like the product! Enjoy some photos I’ve taken over the last year of staff members matching product in the showroom.

This is Jason and Jeff blending in with our “Beach House” color story in the Complete Your Home shop. The Beach House has disappeared in 2017, at least for the winter, but this is a nice reminder of sunnier times:


Here, Janice is getting Zen on the Hess sofa in Kellen fabric. Kellen was a new addition for us mid-year in 2016, and has carried over on Hess into 2017. Last autumn, the Hess was accessorized with a bright orange pillow and a mini-pumpkin plant that reminded me of tomatillos. Janice’s bright sweater was yet another pop of color in the room.


That sweater had even more in common with the Murphy sofa in Tatum Poppy!


Kelly also had an almost exact match with the Hess accessories when she wore a scarf that looked like it was cut from an Illusion pillow:


Sonoma is known as “Sparkles” in the showroom for her love of glittery clothing, so Christmas decorations gave her a chance to blend in:


Of course there are always people who don’t like having their photo taken, but Heather agreed to pose with the pillows she matched on the Grove bed, as long as it was a blurry action shot, so she couldn’t be recognized!


And on that fun note, I’m off to explore more of the new offering for 2017. Maybe I’ll find my own perfect match!