A Testament to Our Product

Last night, I sat (in my Free Brady t-shirt) on my York 87” sofa watching the Patriots put on a clinic with a victory over the Pittsburg Steelers for a wonderful 3 hours and 44 minutes. My body and more specifically, my back, never felt better. This sofa has withstood six seasons of Game of Thrones (and counting! Yaas. Winter is coming), every Monday night Bachelor viewing party along with all the franchise spinoffs, Kardashian Sundays, and now ANOTHER New England AFC championship. #wheresroger We’re on to Houston. #SBLI

We pride ourselves in creating life long customers by producing timeless, American-made, environmentally sustainable furniture. I am approaching my third year with Room & Board and my York sofa, and I can confidently confirm the quality of our product due to personal experience. Fortunately, our stocked options are available in 7-10 days, just in time to watch our Tom Terrific take on Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. You too can jump on the band wagon and enjoy the Brady revenge tour from the comfort of Room & Board’s offerings. I know I will be! #driveforfive



For the first time ever, Room & Board has a Staff Member Store showcasing a plethora of branded merchandise. In other words, swag. Now, we can rep Room & Board all day erry day. Look fly in your R & B fleece. Half zip or full? Why not both?! Keep the brewskis on point in a fashion-forward R & B cooler! Yaas. Want to look boss at the gym? We can get swoll with a stylin Room & Board duffle. Live in a rainy climate? There’s even an umbrella. What about color coordination…? Per usual, the offering specializes in grey neutrals. Duh. But, most importantly, who is the hunk modeling the men’s line? We would like a clothing how-to-wear demo stat. Worried about sizing, especially when taking Thanksgiving into account, or just want to check quality and feel? A sample pack of apparel will arrive at each store location soon. We can only hope Room & Board matching PJ sets are in the works along with corresponding Snuggies as we approach this holiday season. #swaggeronahundredthousandtrillion


Decisions, decisions . . .

At Room & Board we face a comparable fan dilemma of supporting Taylor Swift vs Kayne West. We are torn; TayTay what happened, girl? We all “knew you were trouble when you walked in:” From authentic country singer/ song writer to Victoria Secret fashion show icon… No Bad Blood here, but let’s definitely go Back to December. #shakeitoff And Yeezy when did it become acceptable to take candy away from children? I mean your talent is undeniable, but can we show some restraint? #Kayne2020 And on a side note, Kim, is this really your battle to fight? You want to love both yet certainly cannot afford to remain Switzerland. How does this relate to furniture? It does, I swear. At R & B we have a plethora of offerings, yet can only show so much in stores. Several times a year, we make new introductions and are forced to take sides, furniture sides, when we really ideally wish we could show it all. Currently, we are making space by marking down floor samples to allow room for the new introductions. We debate, analyze stats, and ultimately need to choose a side by selecting what pieces to show and what to not. Obvi we can always modify, but decisions need to be made. Challenging, I know. Just like the Batman vs Superman showdown. I mean, seriously, how can you pick a side? I love Batman, you can’t now just make him the “bad guy.” And what’s not to love about Clark Kent?! All tough decisions, but something we Design Associates choose to face everyday. 🙂kanyetaylorpic

Room & Board on the Big Screen

As Room & Board staff members, we get excited when seeing our product outside of the showroom. It’s almost as exciting as seeing J Biebs barefoot cruising around the Boston Common and then having him make a public announcement that he’s not a zoo animal. Well, almost . . . We do not always know where our product is going, even when it’s headed for the big screen. Meaning, the designer for the set or network will place the order and we just get to play I Spy later. Recently, we have spotted our product in a few fun new settings.

  • ABC’s Nashville (RIP)
  • Captain America: Civil War– Love me some Chris Evans.
  • Wendy’s Commercial- Luckily Dakota is a durable fabric… #Folex
  • NBC’s The Undateable Show– Andre FTW
  • Talking Dead – After Show to the Walking Dead. Andre never looked so good.
  • Real Housewives of New York – Bethenny’s therapy session
  • Netflix’s Frankie and Grace – Those Kori bins though.

The most popular pop culture pick seems to be the Callan chair. Duh. And the Andre sofa and collection chair. The tight back design feature will hold its shape and the clean intriguing lines are great at every angle. I have yet to see our product featured in my favorite franchise, The Bachelor, but I have high hopes. #TGIM I am sure Chad would appreciate using our Madison end table as a dumbbell when getting swoll in the Bachelor mansion. Maybe I’ll reach out to Chris. 😉

Twinning in Boston


This past Sunday a few colleagues and I found ourselves “twinning,” if you will, in the Boston Store. Maybe it’s our New England location but the nautical stripes just felt appropriate. Or perhaps it was because the whole week felt like we were sailors at sea dealing with grey skies, humidity and annoyingly inconsistent cold rain. Regardless of the reasons, Emily, Sarah, Joanne and I showed up to work in coordinating attire for the Sunday/Mother’s Day clientele. Crushed it. Due to the success of the unplanned themed event, I am going to suggest “Seventies Saturdays” for next week. I am thinking our team would look awesome in tie-dye one-piece bellbottoms. The look would really resonate with our customers and certainly make us more approachable. But for now, on Sundays We Wear Stripes. #MeanGirls #SheDoesntEvenGoHere



Following my colleague Dana’s post, I think I may have a work life balance issue. An intervention is probably necessary. Perhaps in the style of one of my fave shows, “How I met Your Mother.” I wouldn’t mind if Marshal, Ted, Lily and Barney showed up with a banner to sit me down and discuss the extreme matter at hand. Not Robin though, she stinks.:)

This week my colleagues pointed out that I match the furniture. And by “match,” I mean perfectly coordinate clothing-wise. Yes, I love this place so much so I chose to dress like it. Some owners match their pets, some parents match their kids, and since I have neither, I chose to match the furniture. In all seriousness readers, this was not purposeful. Maybe it’s just the brand ambassador in me. #Brandisfun Maybe it’s that I so desperately want a French bulldog (if I live in the city) and a Bernese mountain dog (if I live in the burbs), and three kids (two boys and one girl: Nathan, Lucas and Luciana, if you are wondering). #OneTreeHill Or maybe it’s that I live and breathe Room & Board so much that I subconsciously selected my color block navy and white sweater and my bright orange pants to coordinate with our outdoor vignette. Let’s just say the white Palm sofa and navy Isles accent chairs and orange and white color block Mast pillows are on fleek, on point, lit, not basic and certainly trending.

After much persuasion, my colleagues forced me to pose for a pic for Room & Board’s “Outfit to Room Comparison” social media content. Let’s hope my début blows up Insta, the only book: Facebook, Twitter, the works. And let’s definitely hope I get to meet Marshal (Jason Segal) as a result.



Flower Power

Flower1This past weekend, a few of my colleagues and I went to the Boston Flower Show (BFS). I worked as a florist during the summers when I was in school and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have since helped our Visual team, Sarah and Emily, with the maintenance of our flowers, plants and succulents in the Boston showroom. Team Vis and I thought the Boston Flower Show would be a fun, inspirational excursion! And was it ever. I think it may have been one of my weirdest experiences in life thus far.

The flower installations were amazing. Truly works of art. The man power to get this set must have been unreal. Each display had planted trees, flowers, sometimes houses, running water and even fish. The BFS had everything from air plants to “homemade” fudge to Subaru giveaways. However, probably most notable was the people watching. New Englanders (?) from all walks of life, here in the Seaport to enjoy some fresh scents, sites, and fudge all in the anticipation of spring! An eclectic mix for sure. I am not sure if we will incorporate the tower of pink tulips into our outdoor display anytime soon, but it certainly is a possibility. #FlowerPower