I started at Room & Board in August 2014 in the Skokie store and I am having a great time! I love the company culture and have such fun with our clients creating beautiful home environments that fit their needs. It is as if I get to put a jigsaw puzzle together of needs, likes, colors, size and placement for each customer. It is very rewarding to have customers send photos and let me know how much they love their new space. It is interesting to learn about their lifestyles and delve a bit into their lives as we create the space that is perfect just for them.

My major in college was Architectural History with a minor in Interior Design. I was interested in design even as a little girl. I had a dollhouse growing up and since my mom was able to go to the Merchandise Mart, she would bring me back fabric, wallpaper and rug samples so I would re-do my dollhouse decor constantly. I asked for a subscription to House Beautiful when I was 10. In high school we could pick a month-long project as a senior and I worked with an interior designer and had a great time.

My first career for 18 years was in the furniture retail industry in the Boston area. During that time I was a visual merchandiser and a district sales manager where I created and facilitated training programs for operations and sales, and was part of the new store opening team. I was asked to come back to Chicago to work in our family business and did that for many years, but realized that my love is furniture and design.

I have three sons, two living in the Chicago area and one living in Austin, TX. I love biking, swimming, kayaking, walking, ballet, yoga and about any other physical activity you want to challenge me with. I enjoy traveling and have been to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Mexico and Jordan. My Jordan trip included camping for three days in the desert on camels, which I enjoyed so much I thought I might move there!