I started at Room & Board’s Edina, Minnesota location as a Design Associate in 2005. A little over a year later, I transferred to the Shop From Home division at our Central offices.

I was a Broadcast Journalism major in college. My career took me from the newsroom and airwaves to the promotions department and then into corporate marketing communications and agency public relations. A decade into my career, I applied to Room & Board after a few sessions with a life coach. I had children and authoring a novel on my roadmap, and was seeking a break from an intense schedule. Room & Board has given me the balance I needed to nurture my family and my writing.

I enjoy the conversations, the snippets of my customers and their homes and lives that I get a glimpse of every day. I love the fast pace and the diversity. I also get a kick out of solving problems. And our company culture simply cannot be beat!

Outside of work, I carry a daughter on my hip and a Moleskine journal with me most everywhere I go. And I’m an obsessive home shelter blog/magazine junkie, always tweaking the rooms of my 1926 farmhouse with aims of making it magazine worthy!