I am new to the real world. I am from a small mountain town in Colorado — Edwards. Edwards is in the Vail Valley and about 20 minutes from the world class ski resort, Vail Mountain and a two-hour drive from our capital, Denver. I spent four wonderful years at Bates, a small liberal arts school in Maine. I graduated from Bates College with a degree in Art and Visual Culture in May 2013. Maine and Bates proved to be a perfect extension of my home town. After graduation, I wanted to challenge myself by moving to a larger city setting. My extended family is all from New England and many Bates alumni choose to migrate to this area of the country. Thus, Boston seemed like a natural fit.

Since graduating I have taken on several different occupations. I worked as a floral designer, sales associate for Banana Republic and customer service representative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) museum. I am thrilled to have found my passion with Room & Board. The timing of the opening for our Boston location could not have been more perfect.

I started my journey as a Design Associate for Room & Board in April 2014. I had the pleasure of experiencing two months of training at our Central offices in Edina, MN before opening the Boston showroom with the rest of my team in early June 2014.

I enjoy the diversity of the Design Associate role. Every day is unique. Projects vary in length ranging from helping customers find their perfect sofa to designing their perfect home. I love that we are able to meet our customers where they are in life. Meaning, as Design Associates we often help our customers find design solutions for important life milestones such as marriage, college, babies, first homes, second homes and first investment/ heirloom pieces. Customers might be adding a new member to their family and need assistance creating a nursery or customers may be moving in together in their first home. I find my position rewarding. I have learned it is a skill to be able to make a stranger feel comfortable enough to be able to share personal details on the everyday spaces in which they live their life.

I divide my time between my primary role as a Design Associate, my secondary roles as Wellness and Visual Liaisons, and my supporting role as weekly note-taker for our internal team morning meetings. In addition to my primary role, I thoroughly enjoy my secondary roles. As a Wellness Liaison, I help create healthy, fun, engaging activities for our team as well as keep up on safety and health benefits updates from our Central office. As a Visual Liaison, I help maintain the showroom by working with our Visual Associate to reflect the Room & Board brand while catering to the needs of the New England customer. Design is never static and thus my role is ever changing. I value that my role is always fresh!

Outside of work, I enjoy an active lifestyle. I love practicing yoga, cooking, spending time with friends and family, and exploring Boston.

In summary, my name is Mia. I work as a Design Associate for Room & Board. This is my first attempt at blogging. I love life and to share it with others, so I hope you enjoy my posts!